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Aquarium and Pond Care Are Simplified With EcoBio-Block. Eliminate Cloudy Water Problems, With Unique Beneficial Bacteria Colonies Infused in The Block

EcoBio-Block creates a clear and healthy ecosystem In your aquarium or pond by keeping levels of beneficial bacteria consistently high, continually breaking down organic waste and keeping water clear, clean and healthy.

Whether you have just started an aquarium or pond or have had cloudy water problems for years, the simple and easy-to-use solution is EcoBio-Block. Aquarium and pond maintenance is easier with EcoBio-Block because once activated, the unique beneficial bacteria infused in the block multiply and disperse into the water, keeping levels of beneficial bacteria high and water clear, clean and healthy. Made of a unique mixture of volcanic rock, beneficial bacteria, nutrients and cement, EcoBio-Block keeps your ecosystem balanced and healthy and reduces the maintenance needs of your aquarium or pond.

EcoBio-Block Products naturally:

  • Clarify cloudy aquarium water in fish tanks and keep ponds clear
  • Speed up nitrogen cycle, shorten or eliminate new tank syndrome
  • Remove nasty odors
  • Reduce the need for frequent aquarium water changes
  • Eliminate the need to add liquid or powder bacteria
  • Maintain high levels of good bacteria population to promote a clear and healthy living environment
  • Allow hassle-free, easy aquarium care and pond maintenance
  • Are safe even for delicate tropical fish

ABOUT 80% OF ALL AQUARIUM HOBBYISTS QUIT WITHIN 2 YEARS… primarily because of the time it takes to clean an aquarium. The problem is that ignoring maintenance needs means that the aquarium attracts algae, smells funny, is unhealthy for your fish and produces dirty water. Adopting fish isn’t as fun when you can’t see the fish!
With EcoBio-Block Family Products you can enjoy your aquarium hobby without all the extra work! You love your fish tank, aquarium or backyard koi pond. What you don't love is all the aquarium care that is required to maintain a sparkling clean aquarium or beautifully clear pond. EcoBio-Block is your solution for clear, odor-free water, less maintenance needs, fewer water changes and a healthy environment for your fish.

To learn more about easy solutions for your cloudy aquarium or pond using EcoBio-Block Products, today. Click on how it works.

EcoBio-Block product review on Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Magazine.

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