EcoBio-Block Project Examples

EcoBio-Block has been used in water revitalization projects around the world for over 15 years. EcoBio-Block can be used in waters polluted by run-off, organic waste, sewage, and other waste products to produce water that is clear, safe, odor-free and healthy for aquatic inhabitants. Photos below are examples of some of its major installation projects.

Expo 2010 Shanghai

EcoBio-Block Used at Expo 2010 Shanghai China
The Japanese pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai, China featured EcoBio-Block in an innovative new cooling system. Using solar energy collection batteries which were hidden in the double-layer membrane of the outer shell, rainwater was collected to spray on its exterior surface to keep inside temperatures cool. It was then re-collected and re-circulated. EcoBio-Block was used to keep water fresh, clear, and clean.
Pink circles on the picture show the location of EcoBio-Blocks.

EcoBio-Block Installation

Easy-to-install. No major construction is required.Setaka-town, Fukuoka, Japan with the following proven results:

BOD: from 2.5 to 0.7 mg/l after 14 days
COD: from 8.3 to 4.7 mg/l after 14 days
TSS: from 110 to 5 mg/l after 14 days
E-Coli: from 7.9 to 1.3 mpn/100ml after 14 days
Phosphor: 0.34 to 0.041 mg/l after 14 days
Turbidity: from 31 to 2.8 NTU after 14 days

EcoBio-Block Project

Water revitalization project at Melaka river in Malaysia
(Malaysian national project using total 240 t of EBB)
Lab test at ALS Technichem, by Dr. Chin Teen Teen used Damansara river water with the following proven results:

BOD: from 11 to 8 mg/l
COD: from 31 to 21 mg/l
TSS: from 88 to 40 mg/l
NH3N: from 4.53 to 3.86 mg/l
Turbidity: from 91.3 to 35.2 NTU


Nanjing President House of the Republic of China
Installed EcoBio-Block Waves in one of the 5 ponds in the area for the test, and the results turned out well. COD was reduced from 50mg/L to 30mg/L in 3 months. Now EBB have been installed in the rest of the 4 ponds.

EcoBio-Block Project

Large scale EBB test of 3.2 km long water channel by Indian government, with the following proven results:
(1) BOD reduction of 32.4%
(2) COD reduction of 33.7
(3)TSS reduction of 62.5%  The fact that electricity was not required was reported as an additional advantage.

EcoBio-Block Project

Blue Dragon Pond, Seoul City Chung-ang University, Korea
Used EBB Oct - 2000 pieces and EBB200 - 1000 pieces

EcoBio-Block Project

Seaweed field at Amami-Oshima, Japan
Implemented by Kagoshima Fisheries Experiment Station.
The installation of EcoBio-Blocks creates a healthy environment which promotes seaweed growth. The resulting seaweed field assists water clean-up and serves as a feeding and spawning ground for juvenile fish. Left: at the installation, Right: 2 years later

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