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Aquarium Fish Diseases: The Four Basic Types

Aquarium fish diseases fall into four different categories and if you understand the basics about these diseases you will be better equipped to deal with them. Knowledge is the key to quickly diagnosing and treating aquarium fish diseases and the more quickly you are able to do so, the greater the chances are that your fish will recover.

Choosing The Best Aquarium Filter For Your Fish

There are several steps involved to setting up a fish tank and choosing an aquarium filter is an important decision. There are three basic types of filters available, each works in a different way. Here, you can get an idea of what types of filters there are and how to use them in your tank.

Saltwater Tanks and Their Proper Accessories

Saltwater aquariums require a little more work and planning than freshwater aquariums. There are several different kinds of accessories that you will need to make your tank look great and be healthy for your beautiful fish. Everything from synthetic salt mix to your filter and heater and plants need to be considered carefully.
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