Top 5 Aggressive Freshwater Aquarium Fish Featured

Aggressive Fish in Your Tank and how to Avoid Problems with them

The truth of the matter is that some fish are simply less community-friendly than others. Sometimes, the fish that cause the most trouble in your tank are the ones you would least expect – something as small as a Tiger Barb, for example, may cause more problems than a large cichlid. In this article you will learn about the top five species of freshwater fish that are known to cause problems in community tanks.

top 5 aggressive fish From top, Blue Gourami, Tiger Barb, Convict Cichlid, Chinese Algae Eater, and Skunk Loach

Blue Gourami

Also known as the Three-Spot Gourami, the Blue Gourami is generally considered a community fish. While all gouramis are a little territorial, these fish tend to stake out their area in the tank and may defend it fiercely. If you do plan to keep these fish, make sure you have a very large tank or keep only one gourami with other species of community fish.

Tiger Barb

The Tiger Barb is a beautiful fish, named for their striped appearance. Unfortunately, these fish can be extremely nippy – in fact, they have been known to damage the fins of other fish right down to the flesh. To reduce this behavior, make sure to keep your Tiger Barbs in large groups of 6 or more.

Convict Cichlid

The Convict Cichlid is a very popular species of cichlid because it doesn’t grow too large and they have a very attractive striped coloration. For the most part, these fish are not aggressive – especially if you keep a male and a female pair. The problem occurs when the fish breed and they become extremely territorial. Though these fish usually only try to drive away perceived threats from their nest, they can do some damage if the other fish is persistent.

Chinese Algae Eater

The Chinese Algae Eater is a favorite among aquarium hobbyists because they often help to remove algae and accumulated detritus from the tank. As these fish mature, however, they become less interested in performing this duty and they may even become aggressive toward your other fish. What many hobbyists do not realize is that this fish can grow up to 11 inches long and they can become very territorial. If you do keep these fish, it should be in a very large tank to prevent problems with aggression and territoriality.

Skunk Loach

The Skunk Loach is a fairly small fish, growing only to about 4 inches in length. Though they may be small, these fish can also be very nippy – they tend to antagonize fish with long, flowing fins like Angelfish and Fancy Guppies. If you plan to keep these fish, keeping them in a group of 6 or more will help to reduce their aggression.

Other Tips for Keeping the Peace

It doesn’t matter what type of fish you keep in your aquarium, if your fish are stressed by poor water quality then you are likely to have problems. Fish that are stressed may not only be more prone to disease but they may also exhibit behavioral problems such as aggression. To help keep your fish from becoming stressed, do what you can to maintain high water quality in your tank. One easy way to do this is to install an EcoBio-Stone in your tank. EcoBio-Stones are made from natural rock and infused with the beneficial bacteria needed to establish and maintain the nitrogen cycle in your tank. A single stone can last up to 2 years, helping to keep your tank water clean and clear for your fish.

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