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There can be several reasons for having cloudy water in your pond and for the sake of the pond, the fish and your enjoyment, taking care of the issues as quickly as possible will make everybody happy.

cloudy pond water Cloudy Pond Water

One of the joys of having a backyard pond is being able to see and enjoy your fish. There is something so relaxing about watching your fish weave between the plants in your pond, the sun reflecting off their colorful scales. If the water in your pond is cloudy, however, you may not be able to see your fish clearly. What’s worse, cloudy pond water may be an indication of a larger problem that could eventually affect the health of your fish.

Causes of Cloudy Water

There are a number of potential causes for cloudy water in your pond, and some are more dangerous than others. One of the simplest causes may simply be a disturbance in the substrate lining the bottom of your pond. If your pond houses frogs, tadpoles or other creatures that tend to burrow into the mud, it could cause the mud to become disturbed and to cloud your pond water. While this cause of cloudy pond water is not dangerous for your fish, it can affect the aesthetic appeal of your pond as well as your ability to see your fish clearly.

One of the most common causes of cloudy pond water is an algae bloom – this is simply the sudden growth and reproduction of aquatic algae which may cause the water to take on a brownish or greenish tint. Cloudy pond water typically occurs in new ponds or after an old pond has experienced a very significant water change or a change in water chemistry. As is true for home aquariums, every pond goes through the nitrogen cycle in order to establish a colony of beneficial bacteria. These beneficial bacteria, once established, work to help break down waste and to convert the harmful toxins that result from this breakdown into less harmful substances. If your pond does not have a sufficient colony of these bacteria, it could result in the overgrowth of algae which could make your water appear cloudy.

Remedying Cloudy Pond Water

The proper remedy for cloudy pond water may vary depending on the cause of the problem. If, for example, the cloudy water is caused by dirty rocks or pond décor, you may need to siphon out the sediment and properly clean the decorations before returning them to the pond. If the problem is caused by an algae bloom, however, you may need to boost the colony of beneficial bacteria in your pond. In some cases, establishing a colony of beneficial bacteria in your pond just takes time – this is particularly common with new ponds. If you have a very large pond, however, you may need to actually add some bacteria to the pond water.

One option for boosting the beneficial bacteria colony in your pond is to add live bacteria using a bacterial additive. Another, perhaps simpler, option is to install an EcoBio-Block Wave in your pond. EcoBio-Block products are made from a unique formula that contains live beneficial bacteria as well as the nutrients they need to thrive. Simply add the block to your pond to boost your beneficial bacteria colony so your pond water stays clean and clear for two years or longer. A single EcoBio-Block Wave can accommodate ponds containing from 300 to 1000 gallons of water.

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