How to Use EcoBio-Block To Cycle and Clear Cloudy Water In Aquariums and Ponds. Simplifies Care and Maintenance!

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Just place an EcoBio-Block in your fish tank or pond to speed up the nitrogen cycle. In weeks, you can start enjoying clear water, healthy fish and lower maintenance. EcoBio-Block Family Products make aquarium and pond care, easy and fun.

Step-by-step Aquarium Care:

Having a clear and healthy fish tank starts with EcoBio-Block. Just remember these three things – RINSE, SOAK, and DROP.

  1. Once you receive your EcoBio-Block, RINSE it thoroughly using chlorine-free water.
  2. SOAK the EcoBio-Block overnight in chlorine free water and discard water.
  3. The following day, your EcoBio-Block is ready to DROP into your fish aquarium or pond in a spot near the water flow system or airstone. EcoBio-Pebbles can be placed at the bottom of the tank or in the filter box.

THAT’S IT! You should begin noticing a beautiful fish aquarium or water feature within weeks.
You can watch "Start Your Aquarium The Easy Way" video here.

Please note: Extra EcoBio-Block product may be necessary depending on the amount of water, water conditions, and/or number of fish in your tank or pond.
As water evaporates, replace as usual.

Planted tank with EcoBio-Stone M

Planted tank with EcoBio-Stone M

EcoBio-Stone M placed in a saltwater tank

EcoBio-Stone M placed in a saltwater tank

EcoBio-Stone M in a goldfish tank

Placed in fish tank near airstone or where water flows

EcoBio-Pebbles in a betta tank

EcoBio-Pebbles can be placed in mesh bag in a Betta fishtank


  • EBB bacteria clarify cloudy water. EcoBio-Block products DO NOT eliminate inorganic matter.  To remove inorganic matter, you will need a mechanical filter system.
  • It DOES NOT eliminate algae or green water, but it does help to keep these problems from starting.
  • Replacement is suggested approximately every 1.5 to 2 years depending on conditions (pond product will last up to 3 years).
  • EcoBio-Block Family products improve water quality, but they do not restrain the growth of aquatic weeds.
  • EcoBio-Block will usually create sufficient bacteria in approximately 2 - 6 weeks depending on the condition of the tank, the water, the amount of fish, the temperature etc. NOTE: People have often reported results in 2 to 3 days.  On rare occasions, it has taken a few months
  • When treating water with medication, please remove EcoBio-Block and store in chlorine-free water. Replace after medication is gone (can be stored dry, but will take longer to start again).

IMPORTANT - Please note that because EcoBio-Block contains live bacteria, it may take time for sufficient bacteria to build up to the point that it can take care of the specific conditions in your tank. PLEASE BE PATIENT. Also, do not use EcoBio-Block nsM or Wave in your aquarium. They are not suitable for the delicate pH.

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