Revitalizing and Purifying Polluted Waters in the Environment with EcoBio-Block

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EcoBio-Block uses nature's beneficial bacteria to naturally clean and revitalize polluted environmental waters.

EcoBio-Block replicates the purifying mechanisms found in nature. Microorganisms serve a critical role in the delicate balance of nature's food chain. Aerobic bacteria that breed in mulch eventually make their way into streams and larger bodies of water, naturally acting on organic matter and harmful ammonia and thus keeping waters both clean and clear. Pollution disrupts this natural system of water purification. EcoBio-Block was developed to reverse the effects of pollution and return water to its original state.

The revolutionary system found in EcoBio-Block allows beneficial bacteria (Bacillus Subtilis Natto) to exist in a live and propagable state in a base mixture consisting of mineral-rich porous volcanic stones and alkaline cement. In this state, EBB bacteria continue to multiply and emit into surrounding waters for years and will not drift away from the treated area like poured products. Designed originally for environmental purposes, EcoBio-Block is used in many Asian countries to degrade dangerous toxins and pollutants and restore the natural state of lakes, streams, rivers, and the ocean.

Various studies have proven the effectiveness of EcoBio-Block. It is effective in removing pollutants from water, and has a pronounced effect in reducing levels of Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), Total suspended solids (TSS) and Chemical oxygen demand (COD).

The safety of EBB Bacteria has been certified according to international criteria. US Patented.

Please contact us for any inquiry about EcoBio-Block products regarding environmental projects or for more information.

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