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This rock "rocks"!! The tank it still a "little" cloudy, but far from the puke water I was having. I was skeptical about spending the money, but it is WELL worth it and I am so glad I did. It allows us to enjoy the fish instead of spending all our time cleaning it. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this product!!! It has only been 6 weeks so I am hoping that it will continue to get even clearer, but I am very pleased with it and your customer service. Thanks again!!!
Posted By: Jamie Jo, Ky
I have a 75 gallon planted tank. 7 gold Angels (2 pair mated but no fry as yet) some neon taters, ,2 clown loaches, and several cory cats. I also have several live plants (different kinds and a 2 tube fluorescent fixture).
I have no air stone, but I have a trickle (wet/dry) filter.and an emperor 400 out side filter
Thinking about putting EcoBio rock in the water flow under the spray tray of the wet dry filter.
I have changed nothing in my tank routine.
Your Bio-block is in my wet/ dry filter under the spray tray (input from the tank, after a fiber pad, before a layer of bio balls, then through a sponge then back to the tank (I also use Boyd's chemi pure. have for years, before water enters the wet dry filter.)
I have noticed a difference though.
3 pair of angels are now laying loads of eggs. (no babies though due to other fish eating (or maybe the angels are "to protect them".I have 8 or 9 assorted gold and koi angels. 3 cory cats, dozen neon tetras, several other cats,& 3 clown loaches
My misc. plants (about 6-8 different kinds) , including floating duck weed, seem to be greener and growing more rapidly need to trim almost weekly (as opposed to monthly before adding the block) .Take out much duck weed weekly
Also notice that the water seems to sparkle now.
I still do 10-20% water change every 2 weeks (or when I remember) same as before putting in the block
I have 3-40 watt fluorescent bulbs (1 actinic and 2 grow lights) on for 10 hours daily.
PH is usually 6,5-7. when I remember to test it, [NOTE: that is the only testing I ever do, when I do it]
Over all, I am very happy with it.
BTW. After several more weeks using your Bio Block , I find the tank is still sparkle clean, plants seem even more healthy and my Koi angelfish are more colorful. As mentioned before I have not my routine one bit since adding your Eco Bio Block.
Posted By: S. Wiener – Bucks County Aquarium Society long-tim
I have two different community tanks with the Eco-Bio Pebbles in them. I tried it first in my home tank and was very very happy with the clarity of the water and how well it helped to maintain the quality as well. I followed all your directions so that the pebbles were fully activated when I added them and positioned them right near the bubble wand. In one week I saw a big difference in the clarity of the water.
I decided to purchase the latest order for the tank I have in my preschool classroom. Although the water was not a big problem I could easily see it was not as crystal clear as my home tank. Sure enough the water cleared a great deal and is now just like the home tank. I had to add a bubble wand to that tank, as is recommended, to get the full effect. have greatly reduced water changes in both tanks just as you advertise testing them weekly and adding water as it evaporates.
I am very satisfied with the your product and would be glad to recommend it. I have used it for 2 months now in the first tank and about 1 month in the second tank. If your product continues to work as it has been once it begins to lose effectiveness in 18 months or so I will be anxiously replacing the spent Eco-Bio Pebbles with a fresh supply!
Posted By: C.R. (pre-school teacher, Ohio)
My aquarium had been very cloudy which is why I purchased the EcoBio-Block. I installed it in early January when I got it. The water actually stayed cloudy up until last week – when it cleared up very quickly. The water is now crystal clear. In addition to your EcoBlock I also installed a Fluval Lab Series Nitrate Remover I bought at Dr. Foster & Smith. I put that in maybe 2 weeks ago. For some reason I still get high Nitrate reads on the water. But the fish seem fine and all other tests are within range. In any event – I’m guessing your EcoBlock had a very good effect on the water clarity – so Thanks a lot
I’m sure the quantity & size of fish have an impact on the tank. I have a 29 gallon tank with somewhere around 15 fish. Some of them have been in there so long that they are getting pretty big also. That was one of the reasons I purchased the EcoBlock – somewhere it mentioned a lot of fish vs size of tank. In any event – although it took a while – the tank is crystal clear – the fish seem happy – I’m happy – so all is good in Ohio. Thanks again – the EcoBlock seems to have done the trick. You have a satisfied customer – and if you can make it 85 degrees here you will have a devoted customer.
Posted By: Al Mittiga
The fish seemed noticeably relaxed and happy. I have not lost any fish and the Violet Goby no longer gasps at the top of the tank. The water is pretty clear with no odors of any kind. I stopped conducting 25% water changes after a couple weeks with the Bio Block in there as I thought it wasn't having any impact. So as far as I'm concerned, I will simply let the fish tell me if there seems to be any issues in the tank. I may do a test in a week or so, just to satisfy my curiosity, but I honestly believe the strips to be faulty as I have been told by many fish hobbyists recently.
The Goby seemed to be the one who struggled early on the most, but now he hardly comes out of his cave(which is a very good sign for that particular species of fish) and he eats well. I have added some mystery snails and some ghost shrimp too so that they can help out in keeping the tank clean.
I will be ordering some EcoBio-Gravel soon for my son's new 10 gallon tank so that it can cycle out before we add the Dwarf Frogs. Hopefully you still offer the gravel. Have you thought of putting your product in some stores in a retail capacity?
Posted By: Todd
After many years of many fish and turtle aquariums, I was sick of having to clean the water again and again. Especially the turtle's tank. Puck, our turtle, is about 4 years old now and as he gets bigger, so does his tank. Now he is in a 30 gallon aquarium that isn't as easy to clean as his smaller tanks. After cleaning Puck's water, it would begin to cloud up and start to smell after about 2 weeks. It is such a chore to empty and clean a 30 gallon aquarium every 2 weeks and I was hating it!
The Ecobio-Block stumbled into my life at the perfect time! I had read the website on the product and wasn't convinced that it was going to be the answer to Puck's aquarium problem......but it was!
Since I have began using The Ecobio-Block, about 2 months ago, I haven't changed Puck's aquarium water once! It's clear as ever and doesn't smell!
The Ecobio-Block is round and looks like an aquarium rock or decoration. It is not an eyesore in my aquarium and you could never tell by looking at it that it is hard at work! It is very safe for my fish and turtle and is actually helping to extend their lives by keeping their tank clean!
I can not praise enough about The Ecobio-Block. Aquarium owners, you know how hard of a job it is to keep the tank clean and stink-free....let the Ecobio-Block do the hard work for you!
I highly recommend this product and so does Puck!
Posted By: Crysta Bush at "Viewpoints"
We have a live animal exporting business, specializing in reptiles.
Sometimes our customers ask us to keep the animals at our warehouse until they get an export permit.
That’s why, we have many amphibians in our office right now.
We love them a lot, but our biggest problem was that we had to change their water quite frequently,
otherwise the aquarium tanks would start smelling pretty bad in a week. So we started using EcoBio-Block Aqua right after it hit the market, hoping we could lessen the frequency of water maintenance.
We actually failed once.
The turtles ate EcoBio-Block Aqua and took it apart. It looked like they liked it, for eating or playing. And the end result was that we had bits and pieces of EcoBio-Block Aqua in a month. (Fortunately, it didn’t hurt the turtles!)
So we started again.
But, this time, we hid EcoBio-Block Aqua so that they couldn’t even touch it.
We succeeded!
Now, for the past several months, we have completely eliminated water changes and odor!
Our animals are happy and healthy staying here with clean, odorless water (and so are we!).
We recommend using this product for professionals, breeders and hobbyists
who are feeling pain in maintaining clean water.
Posted By: Streamline Logistics
I purchased your (Eco) bio block for my 30 gallon aquarium in March 2007 at our (Jersey Shore Aquarium Society) fish auction. I currently have up and running and it has been for the last 3 months. I cannot say enough about it. Here is a little bit more about my aquarium-
I have had my tank set up since the beginning of the year. Since the first day I've had fish in it. My ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels in the beginning were through the roof. My water was so cloudy that you could not see half way through the tank. To make a long story short, after It stabilized, I started putting fish that i wanted in it. With ammonia and nitrate levels still high, I had to do water changes every other day. It was starting to get annoying because the water out of my faucet is 8.0 and my fish require 6.5-7.0. I was going to my local fish store (Fish and Friends, Howel NJ) to get water since it comes out of their faucet at 6.0(well water). This is about the time I bought the (Eco)Bio Block.

Tank Setup-
30 gallon long
15 pounds of Flourite
15 pounds of natural colored gravel
1 magnetic glass cleaner
1 SeaChem PH Alert
2 AquaClear 30 filters
1 AquaClear 30 Heater (150 watts)
1 Rena 200 Pump with gang valve attachment
1 Penn Plax 5 inch air disk (under gravel)
4 clay pots
1 *(EcoBioBlock)* on top of air disk

Plant Species-
2 large Amazon Sword (with runners that stretch across the whole top of my tank)
4 small Amazon Sword
1 Java Fern
3 Large Malaysian drift wood

Fish Species-
10 unknown Apistogramma
7 Apistogramma Cacatoudes (breeding)
4 Apistogramma Agassizi
1 Black Ghost Knife
1 L18 Gold Nugget Pleco
6 Angel Fish
6 Neon's
5 Rummy Nose Tetra
1 "other" tetra
2 Adult Keyhole Cichlids
1 Blue Ram
1 Steel Blue Apistogramma

My tank is pretty full. It looks great. Water is clear. All ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite levels are non existent now. I feel like I can put about 20 more fish in without worrying. I have not lost a fish since the block has been in there. I do not have to do water changes anymore, although, I do to get rid of the brown tint from the drift wood. Im starting up a 29 high now to put my angel fish in because they are about 6-7 inches from the top of their dorsal to the bottom of their anal fins. I would really love to have another block for this tank.
Very nice job creating this. I wish more people would read this and try it for themselves. Im sure everyone would be pleasantly surprised.
Thank you for making this hobby a little easier!
Posted By: Mr. Sciarilla, a member of the Jersey Shore Aquari
I can not believe how this product works. I set up my aquarium and was having problems keeping the water in good shape so I ordered one of your Bio Blocks and all the problems were gone. I never have to worry about my tank. It is a life saver for my aquarium and fish. They are amazing and well worth the money. My tanks looks awesome and my fish are healthy!
Posted By: Connie Hall, AZ

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