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Although I'm one of those really picky, detail-oriented aquarium owners, nothing I did to clear the water and lower the ammonia levels worked very well. Then, on March 9, 2010, I put a small EcoBio-Stone in the tank and WOW! What a difference! The water became crystal clear in literally hours! I had been doing 20% water changes about three times per week with very little effect; the water remained cloudy and it was a pain to keep ammonia levels down. I couldn't believe it, but after just three days with the EcoBio-Stone the nitrite and nitrate levels are at zero and the ammonia levels falling rapidly! Considering the fact that this product will last 1-2 years, it's well worth the investment! I will definitely keep buying your products and recommend them to all my other fish enthusiasts!
Posted By: Jeff Lilienthal, Nashville, TN
I saw your advertisement on and knowing how hard it is to cycle a new tank decided to give it a try. I am very impressed. As I set up my tanks for my new aquatic business I would not dream of trying to cycle a tank without your products. In the past I have tried other products to cycle my tanks but yours is far the best of them all!! My daughter helps me as we build our business and we both love the results we are getting from your products. She especially likes the fact that they are by far the easiest and most carefree products to use. No more hassling with all those chemicals to get the new tank to cycle!! Just drop your product in and wait 2-4 weeks and bam the tank is cycled. We are both amazed!! Thanks so much for a wonderful product.
Posted By: Paulette Logan, Discuss Breeder
I was FINALLY able to set up my new tank. It's a 46-gallon bowfront acrylic with a decent filtration system . I put in the EcoBio-Stone after we filled the tank to help with the cycling. But my husband got too excited that he introduced several goldfishes just two days after. The tank became cloudy because the bioload was too much for the startup. But after we did a quick 20% water change, the tank has been crystal clear! All the goldfishes seem to be doing fine.
I guess what I'm saying is, I've encountered so many difficult startups before. I almost expected, this time, either the goldfishes to all die or me perform countless water changes for weeks to come. The EcoBio-Block is certainly doing a great job keeping my new tank clear, and making a clumsy cycling situation practically problem-free.
Thank you for letting me enjoy this wonderful experience with your fantastic product. :)
[I might look into getting some EcoBio-Pebbles for my Betta."
Posted By: Ruby Bayan
Hi - first I have to say that your product is just FANTASTIC!!!! I bought the "Stone S" product a little over a week ago and my tank now looks fantastic!!! The ammonia is totally gone and the water is crystal clear!! Just awesome!!
Posted By: Rob Y in Orlando, FL
I purchased a Medium EcoBio-Stone from you about 4 weeks ago. I was at my wit’s end because I could not get my 29 gal tank to have a crystal clear water. I tried all kinds of water classifiers, bio products, water changes, you name it. Nothing worked as well as I wanted. As a last ditch effort, I went on line and found out about the EcoBio-Stone. I was reluctant because of the price, but decided to give it a try. Well, the results are nothing short of fantastic. My tank is absolutely beautiful, crystal clear and the fish look extremely healthy. What a great investment!
Posted By: Z. B.
I would like to compliment you on your EcoBio-Rock product. My 20 gallon fish tank was cloudy and no matter how many times I changed the water, it remained cloudy. After purchasing your EcoBio-Rock and placing it in my tank, the water cleared in just a few days. The water conditions also improved dramatically. I continue to do a 20 percent water change weekly and my fish seem to be happy. Thank you
Posted By: Raymond Wall
New fish owner here who has spent much $$$ on all sorts of potions for the water. Took the plunge to buy your EcoBio-Block and it made the water crystal clear within three days and normalized the water chemistry in less than a week without doing anything else. We now have a very happy tank with shrimp, snails and fish. I will be buying more and recommending you to others.
Posted By: Melissa
I had been given so many conflicting solutions to my ammonia spikes and was losing fish. I spent a lot of money and time on different fixes. Finally I said "ENOUGH". I ordered the EcoBio-Block and followed the directions, which are incredibly easy. Well, I started to get a clear tank, and then I vacuumed. and had white bloom galore! Then one morning a week ago, my tank was clear, then clearer the next day! I waited for something bad to happen and go yucky. It hasn't! My water quality readings are at zero or right above on all of them. I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW WELL IT DOES WORK! My next tank will start out with these things, cuz the process I have gone through with this tank is long, frustrating, and EXPENSIVE!
Posted By: Molly R
Just thought I'd tell you what a wonderful product you have. I purchased the pebbles for a twenty gallon tank, within 3 weeks I could see the water clearing nicely and the fish seem to be perking up and water tests are all leveling off nicely and thats only 4 weeks. Very impressive...maybe when sales start to go through the roof you could lower the prices a little.....fixed income hobbiest
Posted By: George from Colorado
This is a wonderful product.I have 4 betta fish in separate 2 gallon tanks that I have to clean at least once a week. I bought one EcoBio-Rock and broke it into 4 equal pieces. I placed them in my betta tanks near the air stone and it's almost 3 months now and I have not cleaned their tanks and the water quality is very good (Even better than when I use to clean them once every week). Thanks for a great product!!
Posted By: Richard D

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